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Parents & Educators

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For Parents

Parents' guide to service

For Parents

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Parents' Stories

In this section, parents share stories of their children serving, from their initial concerns to proudest moments.


Downloadable Resources

These PDF documents offer concise explanations of the NationalMilitary entrance process for both parents and educators. Feel free to download, print out and share them.

For Parents
For Educators

Our complimentary DVD programs and Extraordinary Careers are intended for high school and college students to get an unfiltered look at military service.

For Educators

A recruit's journey

For Educators

If you’re interested in learning about the full spectrum of military service to help guide your students, our overview pages have the top-level information you need. They guide young adults through the various stages of a military career, from the joining process to training, working and taking advantage of military benefits. Explore the sections below.

  • Joining: Research & Planning
  • Training: Basic & Advanced
  • Working: Careers & Profiles
  • Living: Pay & Benefits

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